take it don't break it

Better to have & not need it--
how could ya ever not need it?
Rather love him till ya bleed it.

How d'ya know when you have it?
Black & blue heart, now ya have it--
repo man comin' to grab it.

Hold on now, he'll try to take it--
can't resist, lusting to take it--
rip it out, pummel & break it.

Look inward! Rise up above it--
way up high, floating above it.
It's yer heart, yer work to love it.

Our music prompt at the Real Toads is the rhythm & blues of Barbara Lynn, circa 1960's.


  1. Your blues stanza poem is perfection .. I do enjoy this poetic style! I read this with a little melody running through my mind.

  2. Ahh... this is just amazing. I love the bluesy rhythm throughout and the positive ending.

  3. Whoa, so good, so real...love the rising up and the "it's yer work to love it." Thankfully I dont take that kind of employment any more, hee hee. I've retired. Just Too Tired?

  4. Excellent message here for any heart-broken woman! Yes, take care of your own heart. I loved every stanza - brilliant build up to the final lines.

  5. Love the blues rhythm in this determined mission to be unbroken!

  6. Sing it girl..Love that last stanza!!

  7. I love when you go tommy gun *rattatattat* style

  8. yer work to love it...what timely advice for women.

    listening to the song and reading your words, it was like one was answering for the other.

    REPO MAN comin to take it, was brilliant and I found myself grasping at my own heart with both hands, not letting go.

  9. don't let that bad ole repo man in! ;)
    thanks, friends, i am glad everyone enjoyed the prompt. i did, yes indeed.


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