short sharp shocked

punch in the gut that girl
scrabbly busking in the streets
you'd link arms with her
what was the protest then
---i've come a long way
---i've come a long way
---you can drive for hours never leave LA

all the girls were there
your lover
didn't care
about some chick folksinger
you left him behind
---leroy says send a picture
---leroy says hello

---leroy says keep on rockin' girl
do you remember how you shook
when she raised her arms and sang
do you remember finding
nothing reflected in his eyes
---your love love love
---don't keep me satisfied
---it's always greener on the greener side

you know you were looking
in that green moment
you knew it was not there

you must learn to listen
---when i grow up i wanna be an old woman

Dedicated to Michelle Shocked with love and gratitude.

I wrote this in response to Kerry's request that the Real Toads write a poem that's an internal monologue. Though truthfully, my poem went off the rails somewhere in its creation and I don't think it's particularly responsive to the prompt. I'll try again, Kerry.