Some days more than others,
I wish for the paranormal
power of incantation
to reverse reality--
today, taking back the pink slip
after decades of service.
So much for your seven-year plan.
If we can hold only seven things
(plus or minus two)
in the fronts of our brains,
how many can be stored in back?
Because more than those will be
required to organize this effort,
struck at sixty.
Seven nights in each week.
How many nights in every year
did you give everything of you
to a place, an idea, a collective?
Apparently, a multiple
of the limits of seven
plus liberal magical thinking
equals the probability of severance.

For Friday, Fireblossom asked the Real Toads to write about MAGIC


  1. O, my! Perhaps magic is needed to fix this. Marian, I hope this is magic poetry and not reality. So powerful! a beginning of a ritual to be?

  2. I do wish we had a magic to fix this.

  3. Love the word play in the title--and the topic, I'm sure has a lot of people wishing they could do some magic.

  4. Sadly, no magic to fix this economy, and the reality of the subject of your poem. Even harder at his or her time of life. Well written , my friend.

  5. There has to be a chance that works! An incantation. A potion. Something.

  6. "If we can hold only seven things
    (plus or minus two)
    in the fronts of our brains,
    how many can be stored in back" love this question... and wouldn't it be wonderful if there was a simple way to bring back jobs... my husband works for a huge corporation and it is heart breaking hearing about who is now deemed too "old" though that is not the term used... and is given a severance package... far too young... or worse yet, simply sent packing without a package. Or all the truly young, 20 and 30 somethings who've gone through college and grad school have enormous loans and cannot find employment (and no longer have health coverage through their parents if they were so blessed to begin with)... heartbreaking and frightening for the future.

  7. Ouch! There is a ton of brutal truth in this one!

  8. I think you are so clever to take the satirical stance on this prompt and provide us with some really thought-provoking work. Brava.

  9. Ah, there's a different kind of magic, one that doesn't keep the wolves away. Thanks for being part of FBF!

  10. thanks, everyone. this topic was on my mind and it occurred to me that a big of magic would be a great thing :)


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