on being a loser

On a September day,
the anniversary of the suicide
of one of America's brilliant writers,
I read an interview with my own
favorite author, and learned that
despite his Pulitzer, he thinks
I'm still a loser, as if he ever was--

Yet on this day
young people gathered, creating silence
amidst jackhammers, reverence in the flurry--
And I realized that these students
experienced reading Wallace
not unlike my experience reading Chabon
and I was reminded: We are visitors, not losers.


  1. We are visitors, not losers.

    Isn't that a lovely thought.

  2. well, we're all just visitors here.

  3. YES!!!!!!! I so love this!!!!! Brilliant, kiddo!

  4. O wow
    Thank you for the reminder "We are visitors, not losers."
    And thank you for the introduction to two writers.

  5. <3
    Did I ever tell you that your book cover always makes me think of Catcher in the Rye?
    Not logical, but true.

  6. xoxo right back at yinz. i am re-writing this sucker in a big way. heh.

  7. Losers sometimes win a different race...

  8. Wallace had no notion of the illumination his brilliance provided. How precious that others remember and respect. Perhaps he knows, now.

  9. Perhaps true genius requires one to under-estimate one's own brilliance, and continually drive oneself to improve - very different from the arrogant self-assurance of the mediocre mind, don't you think?

    If we bore in mind the fact that we are just visitors here, perhaps we would tidy up after ourselves before we left.

  10. A sobering occasion, carried out with great style.
    And, may I say, in a wonderfully inspiring setting.
    I wonder if the poet, looking down, wished he were still amongst them.

  11. Nailed....and soooo good. A great tribute.

  12. Thanks for the links to Wallace and Chabon. I've got some reading to do!

  13. ah, thank you, friends. gonna keep writing about this, there is more to say :)


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