why do four walls suggest
that this space is my sphere

we shout out, loud, and proud
hidden but for our dreaming

Brocky Karoly, Sleeping Bacchante, 1850
public domain: Wikimedia Commons

the window of opportunity
opens infrequently, so fly
i want you when i want
and demand that you say yes

Kenia asked the Real Toads to write couplets inspired by landai, folk poems of the women of Afghanistan.


  1. The four walls really defines the view or lack there of~ Powerful!

  2. lovely set dear specially sad though on the infrequent window of opportunity ~

  3. I love the picture you chose to accompany these landai, Marian. It seems to contain the essence of free womanhood. Each of your couplets strikes to the heart of what that means.

  4. thanks! you know i very rarely illustrate my words with photos but these are just such disjointed little thoughts, even if on the same theme, that it felt like it needed something to pull them together.

  5. YES! How it is for so many women. Even in our culture, until we break free.

  6. I too love the picture...the Afghanistan women have to hide the fact they are women and this picture speaks of freedom...the freedom to be a woman and embrace the body that makes her female. Sadly for women there does seem to be that infrequent window to freedom. Great work Grace!

  7. The last stanza is my favorite ~~~ strong, so very strong is that statement!!!

  8. This is gorgeous. Love. Seriously beautiful and right through my heart.

  9. aw, thanks, friends. i felt a little, i don't know, wrong, somehow, using this photo, but... here it is. :)


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