all caps publishing

Introducing the newly re-imagined home of ALL CAPS PUBLISHING! 
Here's the mission and description of the ALL CAPS community:
ALL CAPS PUBLISHING is an independent poetry and fiction collective. We focus on the compelling, the truthy, the well-written. Our emphasis is on words that have an impact and make a difference.

We are a diverse, international group of writers and dreamers, poets and novelists. Big thinkers and problem solvers, mamas and daddies. Tight rhymers and free-flowers, early birds and sleep-till-nooners. And everything in between.

Collectively, we strive to:

  • support our members in publishing their own excellent works of poetry and short fiction under the ALL CAPS rubric
  • introduce our writing to new audiences
  • provide a community for sharing ideas, asking for help, receiving support, and taking a break
  • create an annual anthology of the best poetry and short fiction from ALL CAPS writers
And here's Marian, shrieking with excitement: YAYAYYYYYY!
Please click through and take a look: ALL CAPS PUBLISHING


  1. Congrats Marian! k.

  2. thank you! now all of you get over there and browse the forums!
    the ALL CAPS community is just for you! xoxox

  3. Very neat way To apply your energy and step up! It may take me a week or so to catch up with everything, but I will step on over and browse.

  4. This is wonderful!

    Do you sit behind a big oak desk now too? One with a chrome name plate? And a heavy glass ash tray for your cigar?

  5. thank you, friends! i hope you will ALL go over and check it out... people are starting to talk in the forums a bit. the idea is to create community, to have a place to talk about our writing, get support and inspiration, and so on! please be a part of it.


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