all caps publishing

Introducing the newly re-imagined home of ALL CAPS PUBLISHING! 
Here's the mission and description of the ALL CAPS community:
ALL CAPS PUBLISHING is an independent poetry and fiction collective. We focus on the compelling, the truthy, the well-written. Our emphasis is on words that have an impact and make a difference.

We are a diverse, international group of writers and dreamers, poets and novelists. Big thinkers and problem solvers, mamas and daddies. Tight rhymers and free-flowers, early birds and sleep-till-nooners. And everything in between.

Collectively, we strive to:

  • support our members in publishing their own excellent works of poetry and short fiction under the ALL CAPS rubric
  • introduce our writing to new audiences
  • provide a community for sharing ideas, asking for help, receiving support, and taking a break
  • create an annual anthology of the best poetry and short fiction from ALL CAPS writers
And here's Marian, shrieking with excitement: YAYAYYYYYY!
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