responsive pleading E-BOOK!

Gentle readers, the time has come! I have relented! Responsive Pleading is now available as an e-book! For only five bucks!

Here's a link to the book page. To get the e-book, click the "pay now" button. You can pay via PayPal, but you aren't required to have a Paypal account. A few quick steps and you'll be able to download the book as a .pdf file. If you use a Kindle or other reader, you can send it there. I am surprised how beautiful it looks on my Kindle!

Of course, you can still get your paper copy (featuring the gorgeous cover art of Max Germer) for only ten bucks by clicking through to Amazon. Or send me an email if you want an autographed copy, and/or if you are living outside the US and shipping through Amazon is too costly.

Thank you so much for all your love and support, my friends! Check it out:
responsive pleading


  1. thank you! exciting, really, now that i've embraced it :)

  2. Congrats for the publication and positive reviews ~

  3. Congrats, kiddo. Though I love the book copy, so beautiful, in my hand and on my shelf.

  4. thank you, grace and sherry!!
    i love the book, too. hence my difficulty in deciding to make it an e-book at all :)
    the cover art is just so wonderful.

  5. thank you!
    the next challenge = get people to actually buy the thing. :)

  6. YAY! Excellent to see it in ebook too. I love my print copy ;)

  7. thank you, Eden! i know, i love the print copy too :)
    hence my delay in deciding on the e-book. but it looks nice, too!


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