raise the roof

Thank God I'm young enough and strong enough
And child enough to feel the urge
To sing.
They say, because I cannot have the griefs,
The sorrows, trials of the years,
I sing.
Please God, when I am old and know
The worst that life can give, I still
May sing.
(A poem written by my grandmother when she was a young woman.)


  1. This made me cry. Sometimes, I don't know how to sing anymore. Other times, I have perfect pitch and my voice is clear.

  2. Oh! Do you know if what she prayed for came true? Thanks for posting your Grandmother's poem. I haven't hear about this project for a long time. I hope it is going well. And I hope that I too will still sing (metaphorically) as life continues.

  3. I SO LOVE this poem. I have sung my entire life, and still do! This morning I was giving three year old Sebastian his milky tea and serenaded him with Tea For Two, which he thought was hysterical!!!!!

  4. These words are so inspiring. Thank you for sharing them with us today.

  5. And was her prayer answered?

  6. I like to think that I am always at a place where I want to/have the urge to/ SING. Whether it's a love song, a sad breakup song, a dance song, a melancholy song...there is always music in me and singing it helps me to live through those moments.

    I loved this, I think that I would have loved your grandmother as much as I love you.

  7. you know, i don't have any memories of my grandmother singing. which doesn't mean that she didn't, of course, only that i don't remember her singing. music was very important to her, though. she loved jazz in particular and was involved with the local jazz society, went to see jazz performance often. she took me to see Yo Yo Ma once, and several other jazz concerts i can remember. i'll have to do some sleuthing and writing about this.

  8. how cool! it's so lovely to discover things about people we love, and her words were so wise. x

  9. your grandmother sounds like one very smart cookie... I very much hope this particular prayer was answered

  10. wonerful poem - it really show your grandmother's nature

  11. yes, i think it does. i hope it was answered, too.


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