of a feather

I don't know how
copper turns to dust
must be a condition
of summer fade--
Settle amidst the green
the flora's different
every flavor--
Let it float over you
and take you higher. 

Photo by John Edwards/Scriptor Senex

Inspired by the photography of John Edwards, featured in the weekend challenge to the Real Toads. Please click through to see more of John's wonderful work.


  1. I love that line: copper turns to dust!

    I'm also enthralled by the positioning of the words: flora...flavor...float.. They work so well in near proximity. Lovely work, Marian.

  2. Beautiful! I too like the line "copper turns to dust"

  3. I love the idea of something floating over me and taking me higher. I like thinking that is possible.

    a lovely, hopeful poem. (although I hate seeing summer go)

  4. I love the copper turning to dust~
    Beautiful thoughts in the dance of your words~

  5. what a lovely write, Marian! sigh...

  6. "must be a condition
    of summer fade"

    I love that.

  7. I really love your poem but even more I love how well your title suits it!! Excellent!

  8. I think I've been treated for that condition...this is very light, and dusted with a feeling of time passing too fast to quite catch, leaving a little coppery residue behind to tease. I wish I could say so much in so few words. It's a gift I greatly admire.

  9. exactly. it's flying away, too fast. and thank you, xo

  10. I was trying to pick out a line I especially lliked and then realised there were too many! Thank you. John

  11. your photos are gorgeous, John. thank you for sharing them with the Real Toads. :)


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