dog dreams

Let me write about your rat-dogs,
the ones you toss out at six-ay-em
to yap-yap-yap the early-walkers
and wake the neighborhood children.

Argh I groan, check the clock, drift
back into pillow-headed dreams, till
your rat-dog holler QUIET! stops me
from making a dream-choice I'd regret.


  1. Rat dogs are the bane of my existence. They are worse then big, mean dogs.

  2. Regrettable dream-choices often haunt me all day, so maybe I should be grateful for the rat-dogs.

  3. Write about them, aye, they deserve it--but they probably do not deserve that regrettable thing that might happen to them before the end of a dream!


  4. You would SO HATE to be my neighbor - we have FOUR big barking dogs, the neighbors have three, and one and one respectively and this road could rightly be called The Barking Spot. And I've been known to holler "QUIET!" and made a grown man flinch, in my time. Hee hee.

    1. i would LOVE to be your neighbor! now there's a dream....

  5. little dogs that yap are very annoying, I don't hate them, but I am not crazy about them either.

    as for the dream choices...well like Cam, they bother me all day, is my mind and heart telling me to make them, that deep down I truly want to make that choice or is it me telling myself that it IS a bad choice? So many questions..but a great poem to help me think it through.


  6. hah, the yappy dogs in my brain, along with a lot of other junk :)


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