Like tea tree,
your essence restores
my prickly
heart, soothes inflammation, turns
soft what was jagged.

"Bee In Bottlebrush" by Jaime Clark

Kerry's weekend challenge to the Real Toads is to be inspired by the macro-photography of her talented daughter, Jaime Clark, to write a shadorma. Jaime's photos show off in intricate detail the flora of South Africa, where she lives; these fantastical blooms certainly can't be found in my neighborhood. Please do click through to take a look. Beautiful!


  1. I love the contrast of the prickly bottlebrush heart soothing inflammation - a figurative meaning could just as easily apply.

    I believe the tree originates in Australia, but takes well to our African gardens (found in California and Florida too, I believe). This is the dwarf variety, "Little John", which grows outside my study window and attracts the sunbirds as well as the bees.

    1. i did read that the bottlebrush is from australia. but in no way do we have them here in new england :)
      kerry, so wonderful that you can look right out to see them.
      this morning, out my back window, i witnessed a squirrel chasing a bunny. now that's poetic! :)

  2. I LOVE "my prickly bottle brush heart".........awesome line!!!! Love the restoration, the soothing of what was jagged. You say so much in so few lines. Masterful.

  3. Excellent shadorma--I always like to see a bit of nature in them--because nature tells all the stories of the heart. Great work, Marian.

  4. "turns soft what was jagged" Love is amazing and you have captured its healing power in such few words.

  5. Three full oppositions in a tiny little shadorma! That is the way though with these healers if they are affective. Lovely!

  6. Marian
    this was beautiful! I love how you gave us hard n' soft views!

  7. aww, thanks, pals. that photo is so gorgeous!

  8. prickly bottlebrush :) delightful

  9. Amazing words !!! Compliments the picture so well !!!


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