big & bad

the wolf was at the door,
he was at the door,
wanting more--
What do you do
but roll over & play dead,
dead as a doorknob
as they say--
But what do they say
about girls who invite
the wolf inside,
opening the door wide,
welcoming him in
for tea & a quickie?
take the love that you get,
even the big bad love,
& pass it around.

This week's music challenge to the Real Toads is "The Wolf Is Getting Married" by Sinead O'Connor.


  1. Interesting bit of wildness here . . . .

  2. Yes, this is good advice, because imo marrying this type never works out... better love and run!

  3. I love this, even the big, bad love...
    Yes, this is wild n' naughty!
    I enJOYed reading your wild wisdom :D

  4. Ha! My mother just had a heart attack, reading this! (not really).

    Who's gonna turn away wolf-love? Not me. Got to love Red's flimsy story of visiting grandmother's house, but she sure was gone a long while....

  5. Gives a bit of a new meaning to the phrase "the wolf at the door." Wry, well-built stuff.

  6. Am I stupid for saying that I'm catching some serious Roman Catholic school vibes here?

  7. LOL..Well, they do say most women love a bad boy, (especially if she likes spice) lol
    Very witty

  8. This is so clever, kiddo. I used to joke that after decades of trying to keep the wolf from the door, I finally let him in. Hee hee. I LOVE "take the love that you get"....yup, sage advice.

  9. Love the bad boys... but make sure you leave them behind! :)


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