I dreamed that you visited us
with your family, on a sunny day.

There you all were, just behind,
in your wood-paneled station wagon.

At your window, I whistled hello,
but turns out, it wasn't you at all.

It was some other blue-eyed family,
visiting someone else on summer vacation.

I blinked, then slinked back to my car.
Not-you brushed hair from not-your-wife's eyes.


  1. there have been other people's dreams of visits all over my feed today... I suspect the universe is teasing me towards a conclusion.

  2. Marian...it's not what you write, it's HOW you do it. It's the words that bring me to another place/time/person and sock me in the gut ;)

    yes, I do hate when I look and am sure it's "them" and it's not...not at all.

  3. You pull me into one of the mirages of specific loneliness, a gesture wanted, and the slink home without it, again.

  4. I'm envious of you and otehrs who dream extraneous like this. How it played out in the last stanza was beautiful. I've rad it seven or eight times and got different feels and thoughts each time.

  5. You leave so much room for interpretation here, and yet none at all. Great vision.


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