I wish you could be here
to swim in the surf.
Instead, I sit on my own
and watch my skin turn brown.

This is a beautiful place.
I keep pinching myself
to make sure I'm really here.

A young man of seventy-five,
a college friend of mine,
took us out to lunch.
Don't tell, but when he left
he said he still loved me.
Isn't that exciting?

There is only a sandy beach
between our cottage and the gulf,
where the surf runs high
when the tide rolls in.

Your news came as no surprise
to anyone, and all is well.
Still, I can't help but want
for you the kind of love I had.
There is nothing like it,
the explosive love I experienced
because it was exactly right.

Sorry I don't have my typewriter,
but hope you can read this.

                   All my love.

Ella challenged the Real Toads to select a photo of an ancestor and give that person a voice. My grandmother's actual voice is everywhere on this blog, and this poem is in her voice, too. If you're interested, much more writing by and about her can be found by clicking on "my grandmother" in the tag cloud to the right.


  1. I love this, Marian. It's so elegant and playful.

  2. Beautiful and what a treasure to have her voice
    come alive again!
    Wonderful to read :D
    I love the photo...what a stunning couple~

  3. On my page, for some reason, none of your images are showing. I went back and read the poem again once I saw it is in your grandmother's voice. So lovely, those letters from grandmas.....my grandma would type hers on an old underwood and it read like stream of consciousness, sentences and thoughts that would run on for miles, all jammed together, and breaking off in the middle of a thought....hee hee. I so loved this, Marian.

  4. I like grandma's words ~ And lovely picture too ~

  5. That is one beautiful woman! I know she had a most profound impact on your life, and it is wonderful to me that you still carry her voice with you, and her zestful spirit as well.

  6. indeed, wow. this poem was pieced together from letters i received from her, and memories of letters :)

  7. The connection is undeniable. You two look so much alike,.

    I like that you and I share closeness to our grandmothers.

    Loved the the flow.

    1. :) thank you. LOVE that you see me in my gram.

  8. oh yes, you have her DNA and her looks. :)
    this was written the way I think, in paragraphs, in small moments and memories, it was perfect.

    she is so interesting and wonderful, that gram of yours, my friend.

  9. Delightful idea, Marian, using parts of her letters, and your memory of other letters, to make this fabulous poem. (I say "make" because you built it, rather than writing it.)
    I agree with the others, she was certainly beautiful, and so are you.
    My favorite line is "a young man of seventy-five"!

  10. Very well done voice of your grandmother--she sounds like a passionate woman and so full of life. Excellent.

  11. Geez, this gave me chills. It's awesome!!!

    "Don't tell, but when he left
    he said he still loved me" ... You put butterflies in my tummy here. :)

    They are GORGEOUS in that photograph! Wow. So much hotter all covered up with those sexy looks in their eyes. :)

    This is so good in its vagueness, leaving something to the imagination:
    "Your news came as no surprise
    to anyone, and all is well."

    Excellent poem.

  12. Love when your grandmother's voice comes through, especially strong like this.

  13. oooooh thank you, friends. i love this too!

  14. Your grandmother sounds like quite an amazing woman ... I enjoyed this immensely!

  15. she was an amazing woman. thank you!

  16. wonderful as ever, my dear!


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