leave your light on

She swept up the broken glass and disposed of it, wiping the sink over and over with the hand towel until it shone. Then she escorted her little one back up to bed.

One, two, three kisses and the promise of no bad things. Down the stairs, one by one. Every light below was extinguished.

She navigated the darkened rooms, reeling, still. Disoriented, jarred, seething. In the bedroom, she stopped. He had lit a candle.

He lay, waiting for her. Lifted his arms to her. "Come."

She tamped the flames licking her insides. Folded herself up in him. "I'm here."

I got to pick the song for this week's 100 Word Song over at My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog. The song is "Leave Your Light On," incredible hardcore Americana by Tim Eriksen.


  1. <3
    I know this. My flames flare quickly, and it is usually better if I can tamp them before they light the room on fire.

  2. Sigh. He lit a candle and said "come".........I love living vicariously through your poems, kiddo :)

  3. Oh and this is just so, so beautiful. This is what it is all about.

  4. dammit, the video was working last night and now it's not. it's such a gorgeous song.

    1. apparently it's a youtube problem. going to leave it here and hope they fix it. please check back later to hear the song! it will be worth it.

  5. Bedtime, And the light is a beacon that marks the passage between cleaning up the mess, tucking in the child, and then needing to bring her own flame through the dark passage to her meeting. Where she belongs. Your poem makes me GRIN. Perhaps it is a memory that is very sweet.

  6. gorgeous and rich and so relatable.

    My wife and I talk about being each other's lights at the ends of the days and the tunnels. This was so, well, the word that rhymes with rexy, because of the last sentence.

    Great 100.

  7. From parent to lover in 100 words - perfect!

  8. Brilliantly done. I'd be so lost without my flame.

  9. thank you, friends. yes to all :)


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