leave your light on

She swept up the broken glass and disposed of it, wiping the sink over and over with the hand towel until it shone. Then she escorted her little one back up to bed.

One, two, three kisses and the promise of no bad things. Down the stairs, one by one. Every light below was extinguished.

She navigated the darkened rooms, reeling, still. Disoriented, jarred, seething. In the bedroom, she stopped. He had lit a candle.

He lay, waiting for her. Lifted his arms to her. "Come."

She tamped the flames licking her insides. Folded herself up in him. "I'm here."

I got to pick the song for this week's 100 Word Song over at My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog. The song is "Leave Your Light On," incredible hardcore Americana by Tim Eriksen.