lake vacation, 1924

Went to town and bought
a brown felt hat to wear on the train.

We came to Chautauqua today.
We went for a ride on the lake.

Went in swimming. The water is nice,
but cold in some places.

Went out rowing. I rowed most of the way
and got blisters on both thumbs.

Too cold to go swimming.
This is the first I've missed since we came.

Have gone rowing every day since Friday;
it was awfully rough today.

Dad rowed me clear across the lake.
Mother was at her sewing class.

Started home this evening,
will be in Pittsburgh tomorrow morning.

Carrie has been keeping my Kitty.
He is fine and dandy. So is Carrie.


  1. (aside) Chautauqua! Great place for a vacation. Do people still row?

    (direct) Here she is, definitely, a friend to vacation and a family to Kitty and Carrie.Are these all her words?

  2. Ah, a glimpse back at 1924. Lovely.

  3. i'm guessing people still row at Chautauqua!
    these words are entries from her journal, pieced together to make a narrative. she was 14 years old. the journal is very small and the entries are brief, but there is an entry for every day for four years, like a logbook. this struck me as a cute tale of summer. especially ending with Carrie. :)


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