I am still writing about this bastard
who allowed the rape of children
to go on and on and on. Told ya so!
All for football? All for money, people.
So they could live in big houses
and eat at fucking Applebee's
have every mundane thing they wanted,
save what they didn't spend for heirs.
When you're an American King,
a celebrated coach, a damn living legacy,
all you can imagine is yours, disposable.
Anyone can be wasted, and later, discarded.
Year after year, no consideration for posterity.
Only let's take these kids and rape their futures.

This poem is my response to Kenia's Wednesday Challenge to the Real Toads. Yes, I know it's Friday. (For some reason, my computer freezes when I try to add a link to Kenia's challenge here, so for now, I'm leaving it out and will fix when I can. To get to Real Toads, click on the cute tree frog photo to the right.)


  1. We were listening to the sports talk in the car on the way to work today, with every single word, my stomach plummeted. I have never been a huge PS fan, but this whole mess of what went on, how long it went on, and who let it go on, truly tests my faith in good human beings.
    Much like my Catholic church, I am sickened by the hypocrisy and the denial, the cover up, the lives they ruined.

    This was raw and needed, thank you for hitting publish.

  2. Maybe I should rethink the 2 for $20 menu and the cheap draft beer at the bees and apples.

    Louis Freeh's report was everything we already thought we knew.


    thank you for being so artful in your words. well done, friend.

  3. Whew! Ripe Anger and Satire is Awesome!

  4. This is so true. It said everything I was thinking...

  5. Such sadness in this terrible truth. Our nation seems to be hurtling through life now, grabbing greedily at whatever feels good, causing curses and consequences and mess. You said a great deal in this poem...

  6. I stand beside you ~~ 1 million% !!!!!

  7. Even to find the words to protest such evil acts is difficult for most of us. Thank you for expressing so expertly what so many of us feel when it comes to child abuse, especially when it is covered up to suit some shallow purpose.

  8. Great write, kiddo, hard-hitting as it needs to be on this topic. I think of your precious children and totally resonate with your anger. Keep them close, and safe, my friend.

  9. That asshole is disgusting.

  10. I'm angry all over reading this - great write, Marian,

  11. i am going to be angry for a long time. thank you, eden.


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