I finally threw away my favorite sweater,
the one that sprouted holes in the elbows
which I darned, and darned over again.
They don't make sweaters like they used to.

I still have your sweater, scratchy wool,
leather elbow patches and many moth holes.
That sweater certainly earned its leather,
and now mostly rests in my cedar trunk.

My favorite sweater could have earned a badge
in beloved cotton/poly comforting, but still,
there was no saving it, no amount of darning
could bring back its embrace. Cold comfort now.


  1. I have a few of those old sweaters shoved to the back reaches of cupboard shelves - too awful to wear, too awful to throw away.

  2. I have had a few beloved things that I wore to rags and still miss. Sigh. Love your poem, especially "cold comfort now".

  3. darn.

    as a knitter, I approve of this pun ;)

  4. it was really out of respect for the other inhabitants of my house that the thing had to go. i was not gonna stop wearing the awful thing while it was still here. hee!

  5. I'm sweating thinking of a sweater. heheh

  6. it is wrong that I'm in love with the title..I think it's inspired :) I have clothes like this too, dresses, sweaters, PJ bottoms that I will never ever get rid of.

    my favorite "could have earned a badge in beloved cotton/poly comforting" that's exactly how I feel about those clothes of mine (even the ones of the boys that I can't bear to part with) , that they had their own stories to tell.

    loved this.

  7. :) it was a long, thin cardigan from Ann Taylor, good for all seasons. but cheap as hell.

    and children's clothing? whole 'nother subject. xo

  8. I've been trying to comment on this poem for DAYS! Dratted Google.

    Because I am awfully sorry to hear about the sweater.

  9. ooh, i believe you know the sweater of which i speak :(


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