cheer up, charlie

My baby, let the sunshine show.
I'll sing your fav'rite lullaby
and follow 'round where you may go--
to find me, just look to the sky.
Love, never will you need to cry
for I am here beside the moon.
I wish for you the chance to fly--
the clouds are gonna clear up soon.

This is a Huitain form poem, also known as The Monk's Stanza, introduced by Kerry in her weekend challenge to the Real Toads. For some reason, I still can't put a link here without my computer freezing up. Help me, someone!

My poem is inspired by the song "Cheer Up, Charlie," sung by Mrs. Bucket to Charlie in the original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory movie. I've been watching the film lately with my kids, and find this scene extremely touching. This poem is for my son.