put a bird on it

See that bird over there on the right? Go ahead, scroll over and down a bit, just above my blogroll, see it there? Go ahead and click it, the bird won't hurt you.

Click! And then come back here to make a comment about the cool Rick Murnane.

(Thank you, Rick, for prettifying the Runaway Sentence.)


  1. OK, you win! I got the 1st poem and didn't know what to say, so I went to this one next and was directed back to where the first--here I am.

    A long day indeed is necessary for all of the series--I have not tried it myself. But I liked looking for the bird and I enjoyed the loop you made. Caught in a simple maze, I now capture you in return:

    I spent part of last night at a meeting for worship, then came home and found my window unit AC wasn't working--grrr--so spent the rest of the evening sitting under a ceiling fan and combing my cat so she had some air on her skin--quite meditative. Then I did floor exercises to an episode of the old series "Shoots and Arrows." I feel I also did justice to the longest and hottest day!

  2. sounds nice, and i'm sure your kitteh appreciated it! another hot one today.


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