keep your inch

Don't throw him a bone.
Hell, don't even look--
If you catch his eye,
he'll see an invitation
to follow you home.

You might like the tail-
wagging, licking, cuddling,
but soon enough the whining
starts, the incessant drool
and simpering demands.

Before you realize it,
he will have suckled you
bone-dry and you'll jump
at the sound of his bark.
Believe me, he bites.

Avert your eyes. He will
take more than a mile.


  1. Yes, he will have you swooning even with a look of his eyes ~

    Nice write ~ Happy Tuesday ~

  2. Haha! if only we could avoid that initial adorable facade! So much truth lies between these lines.

  3. From "Keep Your Inch" to "more than a mile" this is an amazingly succinct allegory! Duly warned.

  4. I read this and said, I think I dated him in COLLEGE. ;) but this was such a great poem, such great images and emotions brought up.

    I just love reading anything you write my friend.

  5. Gritty. Makes me want to go take a shower.

  6. i was going in a different direction when i started, but then it got to this. woof!

  7. :) they may take more than a mile, but they give their whole heart... utterly worth it (though I will admit to being grateful there is no drooling from my beasts)

  8. Hee hee.......yes, at our house, they run the whole show:)

  9. not really about a dog. unless you want it to be, i guess :)


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