flights of fancy

Some nights, dreams're conspiring
to fly me beyond clouding
when should I be retiring,
surrounded by night's shrouding--

Instead I'm up creating,
lusty metaphors flying
toward the crow moon elating,
all around verbose skying--

Come to me, word purveyor,
taste my kiss in your diction;
I'll reward you, soothsayer,
my dreamscapes tend to fiction--

Flights of eve not forgotted
when morning sunshine ringers,
my limbs still feel besotted,
night-flying affair lingers--

To keep it I'm desiring,
gives the light better meaning--
bewitching and beguiling,
conspiratorially dreaming.

For the weekend, Kerry challenged the Real Toads to tackle the Celtic quatrain. I cheated a little in the last line. Writer's fancy!


  1. The whole thing is bewitching and beguiling! I love the crow moon, and the kissing the word purveyor's diction.

  2. Yes, agree with Kerry absolutely - those two lines are just great, but the whole piece is terrific. A lot of fun, but also gorgeously adorned. (And true, I think.) k.

  3. 'gives the light better meaning,' indeed. Delightfully cadenced and imagined, Marian.

  4. You rock a poetic form. And this one is so lilting. "Night-flying affair lingers—" sounds like my dreams.

  5. I love the crow moon, and "conspiratorially dreaming". You aced this form, which is a difficult one, at least to me.

  6. i find myself writing about this "flight of fancy" all the time...but you've done it here as i haven't, in exquisite form. impressed as ever, Marian. x

  7. I like the flights of fancy ~ Lovely flow specially the third stanza ~

  8. I love this. I identify especially with the second stanza!

  9. Great job tackling this difficlut form. Forgotted is new to me.

  10. i made up a few words for this one :) thanks, everyone. fun!

  11. I too, love the crow moon, Marian!!! Great job with this form! I totally botched that last line stipulation and didn't even know I had until I started reading others...ugh. Smiles to you!

    1. thanks, Hannah! my last line has too many syllables but who cares!
      I couldn't let go of "conspiratorially dreaming." :)

  12. oooh - word purveyor.... love that!

  13. Oh this is so good, I love it. LOVE it!

  14. So many tasty, salty words here.

    I dare you to say this one fast. ;)

  15. oh yeah, double-kitty dare? thanks, pals.


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