Think, she thought. Where was that revolution?
She could damn well use a solution, but television
or no vision, ain't no revolution envisioned here.
Ain't no revolution in the institution. Think.
Where was the chairman? And she could damn well
use some fresh air, man. Fresh air, not this institution
pollution. Is anyone listening? Or just the television?
Think. You are older and slower. Think. Am I a tin star?
Or was it an El Camino? That's a car. Or was it a truck?
Try not to feel, love. It's gonna be all right.
                            You know it's gonna be.

This week's 100 Word Song at My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog is "Revolution" by, ahem, The Beatles.


  1. Love. I love the process of thought in her head. It makes me wonder if my daughter's ADHD makes her head feel chaotic like this. Great writing.

  2. I like the white album lyic wordplay because Im a big Beatles nerd.

    Mostly I relate to the "i will not go gently into that good night" theme about ageing and sanity

  3. Love the Beatles and love this clever poem......especially "it's gonna be all right." My mantra!!!!

  4. Very lyrical. A beautiful stream-of-consciousness poem.

  5. Awesome as always - this was a verbal bounce house. One I didn't want to put my shoes back on and get out off =]

  6. i'm glad yinz like this, thank you!
    and i'm taking "verbal bounce house" as a big compliment :)


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