Up The Proletariat Skycase

On the day Princess Profound
plies her Predestined Comeuppance,
the Plebes will parade Parliament
parrying Ploughshares for Panache.

The Measure of Magnificence
will make Merry Men quite Mad.
Even Monsieur Mountebank, mounting
a Mordacious Mortar Masterpiece,

admits both Allies and Adversaries
are Ably Animated in their Avarice.
And again, as All's Aye that Ends
Aye, our Average Abe avec le Sky.

Kerry challenged the Real Toads to write in the Steampunk tradition, and this is my offering, steampunk or not, up the down or whatever.


  1. The alliteration for this was such a blast, Marian!! Princess Profound...love that!

  2. This is a fun result/response to a challenging prompt. So outside my realm, the steampunk topic daunts, clearly indicating that I ought to press on and create something there! You did it magnificently, Marian.

  3. Oh I love it!! What fun, Marian.
    All's Aye that Ends

  4. Such a fun rolling together of form and content. I bounced through with eyes and voice right through "our Average Abe avec le Sky."

  5. I was giddy reading this! Brilliant!

  6. This has been a fun prompt everywhere--I love the feel of this, the sense of adventuring tongue firmly in cheek somewhere that's sort of like here but isn't--(like my mind, perhaps)--and the Alliteration is Ace.

  7. giant Typo in this Poem ALL DAY LONG and none of You tells Me! harrumph :)

  8. Loved the words - alliteration at its finest! What fun! This Steampunk world is quite a place!

  9. Oh my word, that is some serious alliteration!!! That was awesome. :) I especially love your final two lines.

  10. Didn't someone recently refer to one of your recent poems as a bounce house?

    This is a bounce house with a top hat, monocle, and airship!

  11. hee! yes, indeed, the Bounce House is what i'm going for these days.

  12. Fantastic. Impressive, too.


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