Maple floor revealed
beneath ancient carpet glue,
the smell of tar shampoo.

Dr. Pepper tastes like 

childhood. My skin is much worse 
since last you touched it.

That station wagon was a tank,
or a bassinet, or a womb.
He, and you, gone too soon.

The famous singer's girlfriend
made a mosaic stars & stripes.
I was in the process of leaving.

Do you still suck your thumb?
Press your belly against
the cool wall.
I pieced a star.

mosaic by marian, photo by marian

This weekend's prompt to the Real Toads is a photo gallery of Isaiah Zagar's mosaic installations by Daryl Edelstein. I was inspired to write the story of a mosaic I created, photographed above. Below is my favorite of Zagar's mosaics. 4,000 Poets, yes!

mosaic by Isaiah Zagar
photo by Daryl Edelstein