one hundred and two

My grandmother would have been 102 years old today.
Here she is, in her mother's arms, circa 1910.
Please click on "my grandmother" in the tag cloud
to experience some of her magnificent writing,
more photos, and some of my writing about her.


  1. What a beautiful picture. I love the old tones, and lighting, which gives a softness to the edges.

  2. That picture is terrific. I'm assuming you look like that side of the family. I see a resemblance between you and your great-grandmother. I didn't see a tag cloud to look at other pictures.

    what remarkable women you descend from.

    Happy Birthday Marian Grandmother

  3. i love this photo, too. and i also look like my father :)

    sorry to be confusing... by "tag cloud" i mean the thing that says "what i write" over on the right, right below "who i am."

  4. Marian, what an incredible photo. I so love old photos, so full of amazing stories of times long gone. I read some of the poems, and your piece about the sideboard (do you have it now?) and enjoyed them very much. I remember how important your grandma was and is to you, as mine was and is to me. Amazing women! Wonderful heritage!

  5. i'm working on putting together a book of her writing and mine about her. keep your fingers crossed!

  6. What an amazing photograph to have. Happy birthday to her.

  7. beautiful photo!


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