man, the dancing couple

They're awesome, wicked awesome,
two-stepping amongst the hippies,
swaying to the uke jams & diggin'
the fiddles, they's high on life
& anything goes here but whippets.

But what about the dancing couple?
Where'd they come from? Oh he's IT
for sure, she's somebody's Girl
Friday Executive Assistant & such.

Or maybe they ain't playing no role
'cept they lost all their corn, &
can't pay back no loan with no corn.

That dude looks a bit Amish, man.
Didn't the Amish grow corn? I mean,

This is Pennsylvania. And whatnot.

Pass me that jug,
----I wanna get high,
--------here in these cornfields,
------------where accordions flyyyy--

Written in celebration of the life of Levon Helm, my occasional music prompt over at Real Toads. "I raised myself, heh."