Frank's brother Larry had asked him to take a look at his piano, to see if it needed fixing or just a good tuning. Frank was no piano technician, but Larry was right, he could probably diagnose a problem, if there was one. But Frank could not understand why it was so important that he have his piano in good working order when so far as Frank knew, Larry did not even play piano. He didn't understand why Larry had a piano in his house at all.

My friend SAM at My Write Side tagged me in an interesting blog meme called Lucky 7. The instructions were to go to page 7 or 77 in my current manuscript, go to line seven, and publish the next seven lines. This is an excerpt from page 77 of my novel manuscript. Though these lines are fairly innocuous, the scene turns very dark a couple lines after this. There is a strong possibility that this scene, and maybe Larry's character, won't make the final draft.