cyclone rock

Soon enough, you're staring 
down the barrel of a hurricane,
egging her on. God it's great
to be alive, you shiver
as you stand your ground. 

This one's magnificent, full
of dark foreboding, a doozy.
The powder's gonna blow
if you keep tamping on her,
but you won't and you don't stop.

Like a sure shot, you bust
through her fronts, conceding
nothing but a soaking and
some bedraggled trim. This one
might be the perfect storm.

Refusing cover, you think
how could she do that?
Maybe it's time to stop
chasing storms. Stand.
Let the rain pound you down. 

This week's 100 Word Song at My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog is Deadman's Gun by Ashtar Command.


  1. Oh a storm. Goody! I love the closing lines. My grandma always loved a good thunderstorm on summer afternoons.

  2. Ode to Adam - nicely done!

  3. Most people would invert the last two paragrpahs but since you're amazing and smart and artistic and the greatest you delivered this the right way.

    everyone should use "tamp" in a sentence at leaste once a week.

    I think this is the strongest 100 this week in terms of style. Brilliance, my marian.

  4. heh, it's weird. lots of influences flying around in that storm. er, argument.


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