5-speed & high heels

Man, I'd had enough
spreadsheets and emails
and drama for one day.
For many days.
I slung my satchel
over my shoulder, tight
over my bosom, really,
hit the lights
and clicked out.

As I click click
clicked up the brick
walk, searching the conifers
searching for the hawk's nest
(I could hear them
screeching like clarinets
through my office window)
the anxious in my belly
began to dissipate.

Couldn't see them,
but I could still hear them,
bucketed in my car seat,
windows down,
guitars screeching,
in reverse, then first,
second, third, I like
how the clutch feels
driving in tall heels.

This poem came from something I tweeted yesterday: "I love the way the clutch feels when driving in tall heels." Southern Mike reacted to my tweet (I think by saying "dayum!") so I challenged him to write a poem, too. I think I like his better, please read:
Date Night


  1. sexy n strong without even trying. who can compete?

  2. you can! i like yours quite a lot!

  3. Love it, Marian, and Mike's too. "I love how the clutch feels driving in high heels." One more experience I will not have this lifetime, hee hee. Last tiny low heels on my feet were back in 1964. Now I wear big boats on my feet, to keep me from toppling sideways:)

  4. it really feels different driving with heels on. powerful! rawr!

  5. I don't wear heels or drive clutch, but thanks to your brilliant words, now I know what it feels like to do both.

  6. I can just picture you - the lady lawyer - power-dressing with the heels to match, clicking your way out of the office building (your poet's eye ready for a hawk or two) then vrooming away in your heels. Damn, lady!

  7. sounds sexier than it really is... what with my ability to wordsmith and all :)

  8. I have never driven with heels but it does sound a bit sexy as you've described it. Loved the hawks.
    I saw a Bald eagle this morning, haven't seen one in a long time since we moved into town.
    Enjoyed this, thanks

  9. Rowwwrrrrr.....and nothing like the click, click, click to turn a head. I too love the way it feels when i'm clutching in my pumps....lol.

  10. I would love to try that sometime, but I couldn't walk from my garage door to the car in tall heels--it's a learned skill no one can take away from you, girl. Relish it. Loved this--total sense of freedom to it.

  11. I have a hard time driving in heels ~ Like the power drive here ~

  12. Taking sexy behind the wheel...love it. I am like hedgwitch I cannot walk in heels, but love a girl who can!!

  13. For years
    I drove and danced
    Taught and pranced
    Spoke to groups
    In tall, hot heels
    I eat anti-inflam
    Work out like a madman
    And wait while last incision heals!
    Damned arthritis!

  14. How fun! Love the voice in this, too.

  15. I love your view and the reality of driving in high heels says it all!
    I love heels, but can't wear them(back surgery)...changed the rules.

    I love seeing a glimpse of your day and all the details! :D

  16. Sounds like a much-needed release after a long day/week.

  17. The two poems are just so different! I'd love to see them side by side in a book: the heeled and the observer of the heeled. Who has more fun, hmmmm? "Date night" is danger, attraction, and laughter, whereas "5-speed and high Heels" goes inside that same release to hear the clicks, screeches, instruments, birds, and the symphony of feeling from putting work away and letting the attractions loose.

    1. i'm so glad you clicked over to read Mike's poem.
      he is a terrific writer, please go back and read more!

  18. I enjoyed both poems, but I liked yours best—it made me remember when I could wear heels and drive a 5-speed. So much more control, and so much more fun, to drive a car with a standard transmission, and so much more fun to wear heels.

  19. predatory intensity behind the wheel...tigress on prowl? bravo!


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