We were in the old red house. Sun splashed through the curtains. Our daughter tiptoed as we huddled together. I shrieked into the phone.

Where is he!

Then we were in a desert town. We questioned a woman who wore her name on badge. She replied flatly, unaffected by our terror.

Where is he!

She had placed our son with a couple for a two-week stay. They had run to Arizona with him. We pleaded, but she would not promise his return. It had now been a month since we had seen our child.

Where is he!

I awoke, screaming.

I've been struggling to express the terror of the dream I had this morning. It's left me feeling uneasy and paranoid. Horrible. By happy coincidence it seems to jive with this week's 100 Word Song over at My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog.