rites of passage

Wandering through our house alone,
my tears withheld, I will not part
although the empty veers to scorn
in passages I know by heart.

What's fair in love? Unjust abounds.
A year ago, we fell apart;
this time, we stick to circling round
the passages we know by heart.

Wish I may or might, my prayer
always that we would never start
to unravel what resides there,
in passages deep in our hearts.

I'm wandering our house alone,
through passages I've learned by heart.

Kerry's weekend mini-challenge to the Real Toads is to try one of several forms of the Kyrielle. This is my attempt at a Kyrielle Sonnet.


  1. Very nice form including the last two lines. I do like the "never start to unravel what resides there" ~

  2. This is just wonderful.. in a very sad way. The refrain becomes an echo in the empty house and heart. You have captured the lonely mood exactly, which is reinforced by the final couplet.

  3. I love this poem Marian...this is just so good. I can see it being sung by someone in a bluesy sort of husky voice...it really resonated with me.

    1. thank you, shanyn! sigh. maybe my old man could set it to music :)

  4. Th first time I read this it seemed moody and dark and kind of cynical. The sixth time read it, just now, was different. I see how it's really your mind that moving through the house, not your body. It's like a mental trek through what your emotions are doing in your head.

    I like this one

    1. :) i appreciate you reading and re-reading and working through it.

  5. I never wrote a sonnet
    (or wore an Easter bonnet)

    So I congratulate you!

    1. hah! i've only written two
      so i'm as impressed as you :)
      they are difficult! thank you!

  6. I really like this poem. And I like how it seems to move from present, to past, to future, making it very deep story.

  7. thank you... and i'm warming up to these words.


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