n'nites & sweet dreams

I have hoisted you up
on the washing machine, wielding
nail scissors like a baton,
conducting our sweet bedtime
symphony. First your fingers,
admonishing the evidence
of nail-biting, then ten
piggy toes, wee-wee all the way.

We hush for backyard peepers,
slink in the half-light
to catch the moon, cradled
on the mountain, just settling in
for the evening. Like us.
Tumbling up to bed, you beg
to be kneaded, your litany of bad
things unrealized for another night.


  1. Yes, this is how it was meant to be.

    And I love peepers.

  2. Oh so sweet. Precious moments. You are such a great mom! I think of your children's faces often, from the interview....so sweet. Marian, your book arrived and I gulped it down in one sitting last night. MARVELOUS.

  3. Just sitting here, smiling. Going back to read it again...

  4. sweet, sweet symphony... and it's good to end on the sweet note, letting the "litany of bad things [go] unrealized for another night"

  5. thank you, friends :) you know how it is.

  6. I like the last line. I'm using that on someone tonight.

    I like the depth and playfulness.


  7. Beautiful ... reminds me:
    Me: Good night - I love you.
    D: I love you more.
    me: You can't love me more - love doesn't come in buckets and barrels ...
    D: I know ... love just is!
    Then 12 years later hearing him say that same thing to his girlfriend ...
    bittersweet <3


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