ham salad

Her spindly arm worked
the meat grinder handle.

Pickles and mayo make for
good ham salad, with a beer.

I said I loved seeing you.
She said we never do

have a chance to say all
the things we'd like to say.

I said I love you.
She said we never do.

Meantime, I forgive you--
I guess.
I forgive her, I know.

Inspired by Vic Chesnutt, front and center over at Real Toads today. And, of course, by my grandmother.


  1. What a delightful poem...I only knew one of my grandmothers and only for a short time, she died when I was ten.

  2. Everything worth knowing about life, I learnt from my grandmother. I loved her more than anyone, but I don't think I expressed that enough in words or deeds. Wow, Marian! These words have me weeping even harder than the words of Chesnutt's song.

  3. only you could pack that kind of emotional wallop into a poem titled "ham salad."

  4. For me and my gram, it was plum jam. I love this. I relate.

  5. My grandmother never cooked much but we took walks and had tea parties. This was a great tribute.

  6. Fantastic, Marian. My grandma was my saving grace when I was a child, my stability, my anchor. Loved Vic Chesnutt's song to his gram, and love your poem even more.

  7. I don't remember an awful lot about my grandmother, she passed away when I was about 9. But, I know I loved her. This is touching, poignant, lovely. Great prompt at Toads, thank you.

  8. So sweet. I loved both my grandmas so much!

  9. True, we never do have a chance to say all that we need to say. That is why we have to WRITE our words! And make chapbooks.

  10. Marian,
    You remind me of both mine. One I knew when younger, than other when older. They both
    profoundly touched my life~
    So touching...

  11. thank you, friends. i'm writing a lot about my grandmother, maybe making up for not having said enough while she was still with me? hmmmmm.
    i'm so pleased that the vic chesnutt prompt has been so inspiring! yay.

  12. The longing to communicate and before we linger and wait... and then it IS too late. I do believe some things are best left unsaid, but still, if we have forgiveness to seek we really shouldn't hesitate to set it right. This is beautiful, so much to ponder over a ham salad.

  13. heya......that was a very inspirational write, damn. It felt, like I think, if that makes any sense at all, and if it does, you know how big of a compliment that is. Not because the way I think is special,...lol, but because if you can connect on that sort of personal level, you have created thee quintessential ham salad, the one I want on the table at every single holiday. You are toooo good love.

  14. slap some between two slices of wheat bread for a sandwich with that beer.
    i am a vegetarian but i still am pining a bit for this. :)


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