cherry tomatoes

After I met your mom
you reported that she
had pronounced me
that meant she approved.

We weren't like those
manly girls
she found confusing.

She embraced me,
fed me cherry tomatoes,
taught me how to prune
my peonies, like family.

Sometimes I miss her.

For Friday the 13th, Laurie Kolp challenged the Real Toads to write a thirteen-line poem using the word effervescence.


  1. oh Marian, just lovely. love those details about cherry tomatoes and pruning peonies! x

  2. Oh this is a beauty! It is a wonderful thing to have someone else's Mom play a meaningful role in one's life - especially at certain crucial times, when their influence is so appreciated.

  3. I love this! It's precious and beautiful and endearing. :)

    What a great compliment: "pronounced me effervescent"

    Wonderful details remembered: "fed me cherry tomatoes, taught me how to prune my peonies"

  4. Thats a pretty big deal really for her to call you that. Keeping up the facade can be the hard part....lol. Bubble away buttercup....great write.

  5. yep... i've always remembered it and have felt complimented by it.
    thank for reading, as always, friends.

  6. I like how good memories can be salvaged from bad times.

    Great title. I wonder how you came up with that. So vivid.

    you write pretty

  7. This is so touching, and sweet. I love that certain items, food, songs, phrases hold such meaning for each of us. Words are just so powerful.
    Thank you for sharing this!

  8. :) effervescent is a funny label in a way, but I'd certainly rather that than some other things I've been called - a lovely poem with a touch of longing, I think (vintage Marian, I want to say)
    oh! & congratulations on having your book of poetry published! woohoo!!

    1. thank you, ruth! exciting! and i like how that sounds: "vintage Marian"

  9. Very unique... cool ending, Marian. Thanks for giving me the word!

    1. thanks, Laurie. and you're welcome!
      i swear i did not have this in mind when i suggested it.
      but i'm glad that this came to mind :)

  10. Such a (kind of) normal thing as eating cherry tomatoes and pruning means mom must really accept her- and like her! Good and vivid.


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