bully for him

A father takes his tears and outrage
to the internet.

                  And you bend, pulling
towels and napkins and facecloths warm
from the dryer, folding, stacking, clean
underwear, socks, prim and neat.

                                  One might
say he took it to the bully pulpit, but for
the evidence: his child, especially vulnerable,
bullied and crying.
                     Your children circle
around you like cats, in and out of your range
of vision, but always, you can hear them.
A teacher, an adult, laughing.
                                Water rushes
into the metal drum, you add liquid for suds,
toss in some jeans, a bathrobe, a t-shirt
emblazoned with a sparkly unicorn, cock your
head to savor their laughter.

Ella asked the Real Toads to write an "inner/outer" poem. This poem was inspired by the story of Stuart Chaifetz and his ten-year old son, and the everyday profundity of being a parent.