A hole in your psyche can be painful
so keep those eyelids open, clear the smoke.
Always be aware of what's around you--

can't be too careful, even for a joke.
Comedians can be damn disdainful.

What's so funny anyway? He's found you
lying on the bathroom floor, eyes lustered,
an undulating ceiling centipede
having shocked you, frozen in fear, flustered.
It's his betrayal, more, that astounds you.

Why won't he try to meet your blissful need?
If he's warm-blooded American male
he oughtta bring it to you by trainful
without demand. The moral of this tale?
Eyes on the prize, or be prepared to bleed.

Kerry's weekend mini-challenge for the Real Toads is to write a variation of the Envelope Stanza. This one is an Envelope Quintet.