time slip

There's nothing so frustrating
as losing an entire evening
of writing, or lounging,
watching zombie movies,
or loving your man, god forbid,
to falling fast asleep
in your child's bed.

But then again, nothing beats
the delicious delirium
of fitful dreaming, cuddling
awkwardly in a too-small bed,
arms aching, back screaming,
but oh, the smell of her hair
or the way he grips your hand.

You wouldn't give up those times,
not for nothing, no way, not ever.


  1. Sounds more like you FOUND your weekend to me. :)

  2. So beautiful. Yes, hold them close while you can:) You're such a good mom.

  3. Oh, yes! These lines convey some of life's truest truths. I cleaned peanut butter and jelly from the crevices of my leather chair this morning, and smiled at the blessedness it signified. Having a three year old grandson here two full days a week offers similar joys as shared in your poem.
    By the way... you inspired this one, and I thank you: http://www.kimnelsonwrites.com/2012/03/02/gettin-all-truthy/

    1. oh! Kim, that made me all weepy. your poem is beautiful. xoxo

  4. thank you, friends. it's so easy to write poetry when you are presented with so much beauty, as i am :)
    love love.

  5. sweet boy, sweet Mama, wonderful sentiment.


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