team meeting

The routine
begins with pastries
and tea, to warm us up
for our work, and really,
to one another.
Sharing updates,
kvetching. Team-building.

Refilled cup of tea
means just at the end
I feel the need to pee.
I think I can make it.
At the close, we thank
one another. And someone
receives the gold star.
I wish it was me.

Today, Mary challenges the Real Toads to write about the ordinary, with the hope of inspiring extraordinary poetry. Not sure this is extraordinary, but here it is.


  1. we're parents, spouses, and employees. we don't get gold stars. we get a bucketful of pride when the stuff we do shows up later in life.

    I like your routine. Makes me realize I need to appreciate mine.

  2. It is REAL:) Cool, kiddo. Sounds like you are having a nice Friday.

  3. I'll give you a gold star for this! Very nicely written :)

  4. I like the way you seem the morning cup of tea as team-building: one needs the personal support to get through the multitudinous tasks of the day.

  5. Yes, I'd give a gold star too, especially for resisting the urge to pee ...urgently! LOL
    I know how that feels lol

  6. I hate having to sit in a meeting when I need to pee! I could write a poem about the long lines that are always at the ladies room when you FINALLY get a break during a meeting! Great job.

  7. I'd say you did an extraordinary job with the prompt! You described the situation well, and in the end, well I think many can empathize with you. I enjoyed this slice of life!

  8. I can definitely relate to this!!

  9. mundane. but maybe something bigger to say, like what Lance said :)

  10. I never liked team meetings when I had to attend. Sometimes it felt like a collective lobotomy.

  11. I could use a team meeting right about now.

    Now, where's my team? Come to think of it, where are my tea and pastries?

  12. I am giving you a gold star ;D
    I agree about the tea
    I enjoyed your view, too

  13. Cameron!! lol! I like the idea of a team meeting, too! I think when my boys get a little older we'll start having family meetings but call them team meetings because really we do have to be a team. I enjoyed the glimpse into part of your ordinary extraordinary life!

  14. Meetings, tea, and pee...things i can relate to...love your take on ordinary things

  15. love the twist... coffee does the same thing. :)

  16. well, now it's the weekend. whew!

  17. I like this very much - the everyday of team meetings... and in the final line the longing to for once be more than ordinary. The longing is palpable but stated in such ordinary terms, almost like an afterthought... and suddenly the poem is lifted into the extraordinary. (Wish I knew how you did that.)

  18. I'll give you the star for this one.. I am hopelessly petulent about meetings...most are so pointless especially at my work...eh probably everybody's work. I like the idea of sitting down and working through things....but most of our meetings are far from that. Great writing...you have a knack for making reality decopage.

  19. thanks, friends, for the very generous comments :) xoxo

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