sick & tired

"I don't know, what--oh, stop. Stop!"

She flailed at her lover, who braked as she threw open the passenger door and hurled into the street. As well as the car, and her sleeve, and her hair.

"I'll walk."

She tumbled into a manicured front lawn trying to leap over the puddle of vomit.

"Leave me. LEAVE."

She slammed the door but kept her back turned as the car pulled away.

You are a sick girl, she told herself, struggling to stand up straight. Bastards got me drunk.

But she knew the truth. She knew how to drown her sorrows.

I'm playing 100 Word Song over at My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog. This week's song is "Sick Girl" by Social Distortion.


  1. Great look at inner turmoil masked as bad behavior.

    This could have been my own story in my teens and twenties.

    Really clever take on "sick". Bravo, Marian

  2. You manage that feeling of "holding on so hard to the situation even while it's spinning out of control" so well.

  3. what? you think i know something about hanging on while shit spins out of control? :)

  4. And yet she is so clearly not yet at rock bottom. I imagine that in the next instant, she goes back to blaming him.

  5. I love that she tried to leap over the puke instead of simply side-stepping it. It totally sold me on her state.

    I mean, not as a result of my having had similar experiences or anything...

  6. You're so good, you scare me. Brilliant.

  7. Ha! I'll drink to that...nothing more dangerous than a sick girl who knows it!


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