girl's galley

Here, garden gnome supervises
righteous and goodly ramblings.
L-O-V-E watches over babies,
bananas ripen, coffee's ground.
Sparrows throw a rose parade.

Here, I perched outside myself,
as if on high, watching some
kinda junkie-shaking what-the-
fucking exigent begging for
absolution--please, baby please.

Here, I rinse the pinesap from my
hair, too chocolate this time. Cup
of wine, check email, hastening
to write. All the while I listen
for you. Ah always, my ear's on you.


  1. So lovely, that ear, always tuned to her love's frequency. I love these snippets of Love.

  2. so real and sweet

    the middle stanza is so relatable

    Loved it

  3. So vividly expressive!
    I too love how your ear is tuned towards love~

  4. Very lovely...I like the different images evoked from each verse ~

  5. :) thank you, friends. i like your interpretation!

  6. Gawd marian.
    this is weighty. you with your phrases and clips of thought... and me wanting to dive into each one, pull it out and dissect and absorb.

    for now though, the last -- the things we keep our ears tuned to. the things that walk slow and
    intentional with us while the world flings itself along.

    this feels like a chunk of moments, broken off, held - moving independently - observed and taken in.

  7. aw, shucks. thank you, shawnacy :)

  8. Wonderful piece. The last two stanzas were fabulous!

  9. where to start with this, Marian...can i just have this ringing in my ears all the time? :) second and third stanzas especially, wow. x

    1. are you sure you want that in your head all the time?
      thank you, Dana. good to see you! xo

  10. I'm so sorry I did not get back to read this post. I love how the three parts are retain their individuality but work harmoniously together, to form the whole. Just keep tapping into that wellspring of love!

    1. thank you, kerry. honestly, what i am doing is exposing hard things but coming back to the thing that allows it to right itself, which is the wellspring. i'm not sure whether readers get that or not. this one journeys through DARK but is sustained by the light, or the hope of light.


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