apologies to ric ocasek,

but wither flew my
youthful exuberance, on
the jitterbug breeze.


  1. even better than the coffee light...

  2. oooh how you shake me up and down!

  3. I LOVE the "jitterbug breeze"......

    1. that is the phrase that is Ric Ocasek's, not mine! but i love it, too and couldn't resist it when i heard it today while my window is open with the breeze coming in.
      Ric Ocasek is the songwriter for the band The Cars and is a poet himself. that phrase is in a song called "Nightspots."

  4. the cars were big when I was in hgh school, it reminds me of doing things on the sly....naughty things at times, usually at my friends house when his parents weren't home. Ric Ocasek was so cool in his shades...but not as cool as this shorty.

  5. i cannot even get started here on my love for The Cars. but i will mention that i was a high point of my entire life last May when i got to see them live in Boston, for the first time EVER. holy mackerel. good times roll!


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