snow white & rose red

Yeah, get your nail under there, you got it. Peel it, tear it off. Make it bleed. 

The pinch in your wrist, quick but precise, unmistakable. Sharp.
First time you felt that, you thought no, there's no causal connection there. Picking a scab on your embattled shin did not just cause a nerve to jump in your opposite wrist
But by now you've repeated that experiment enough times to know.

Yes, picking a scab in one place causes pain someplace else. Deliciously shameful pain.

Do it again. Even though repeated picking causes unsightly scarring. 

Pick it again. Right there.  



  1. hell yeahz...way to find the dark and grit...cool i went with a teenager talking about her nails...you took it to a whole nutha level


  2. great metaphor for people who cause so much drama in their life, and just won't let go of the stupid stuff

    three dancer senryu

  3. That is so creepy. Disturbingly creepy...like there is this evil little presence sitting on my shoulder and talking to me, encouraging me

  4. Dermatillomania never sounded so appealingly sad. Or so actually accurate. I've got to leave the spot on my thumb alone now.

  5. is that from the spider?

  6. Makes me want to put on a bandage and make this girl wear mittens.

  7. Yuck, scabs!
    A guilty pleasure for sure! Love this.

  8. my comment on my own little story here: yikes!

  9. I'm a horrible picker. TERRIBLE. I had to literally train myself to leave my damned scabs alone. I love your motto by the way. "On the importance of using your words". As a writer who has to tell her children and her spouse "USE YOUR WORDS" pretty regularly, I appreciate it greatly.

  10. That. Was. Too. Damned. Good.

    I'm almost hating you as much as I hate Lance now =)

  11. LOVE this!! Especially the part where picking it makes it hurt somewhere else, almost like a voodoo. Fantastic!

  12. Disturbing. Gross. But good! Well done! Amazing how each sees and hearsa different thing in the songs.

  13. thank you!
    truth be told, i hated that song. maybe that's obvious. :)


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