She sat at the kitchen table, a rocks glass in one hand and her phone in the other, scrolling madly through tweet after tweet as though she might find treasure there, beneath the liquid crystal surface.

"Fuck." She tossed the phone aside.

A spider made its way around the edge of the table until it reached the barricade of her forearm.

As the spider paused, she considered the purple and bloody bruise circling the first knuckle of her thumb. The blood red matched the burgundy of her wine.

"That's gonna leave a damn scar."

She rose to refill her drink.

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  1. Makes me wonder what she hit to bruise her hand. A man? The wall? Intriguing.

  2. The spider! Come on now, slap down a hundred more to explain the spider!

  3. I love the spider as adventurer and casual observer.

  4. The spider is great...funny how she zoned it on that.

  5. Is she a witch perhaps and the spider her companion? (haha.) I do like this. I too want to know how she got the bruise on her hand. It sounds painful.

  6. This was fabulous. I spent some time trying to come up with something about spiders because I love that line in the song. I went somewhere else entirely. I have mixed emotions about spiders--I think their webs are really cool and I love that they eat insects... but they still creep me out.

  7. thank you! yeah, that spider line is memorable, for sure. also, scars.


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