home sick

Don't get me wrong.
Homesick is what I am
when I'm at work.

But here at home, nursing my head,
playing my 17th game of hide & seek,
listening to one more magical story?
Don't get me wrong,
I love all your efforts, little ones,
but I am home sick from work.

I just need to be sick.


  1. This is the life we chose, right? Parent, guardian, protector, defender, nose wiper, boo boo healer, dinner maker. Wait, we also chose, careerist, hard worker, dream maker, paycheck casher.

    The balance sucks, but it's an honest sucks. I like when you write your heart. Keep it up.

  2. thanks, Lance. this one feels a bit whiny to me, but i liked the whole home sick/homesick thing.
    i have very few complaints, honestly. they are my whole world, as i'm sure i don't have to explain to you :)

  3. If this isn't just a poem, I wish you a speedy recovery! The trouble with being the mom, is that there's usually no one to mother the mom! And I like that homesick switcheroo.

  4. this makes me smile and think that sometimes it is easier to be 'sick' at work! LOL.

  5. that is totally true! though i am fiercely protective of my time with my kids, even if they are driving me crazy.

  6. A GREAT play on words. I hope you're back in the game.


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