Another woman was killed,
here in my town.
By the person
who said he loved her most,
of course.
Where is the outrage?

It's like that slogan
about military bake sales.
There will be no need
for vigils or benefit concerts
when people stop
killing each other.

Stop it. Stop it!

We'll blow out the candles.
No one will hurt and cower
or spend each day in fear.
Only living and loving well.
We can organize that bake sale
to benefit the PTO.


  1. Oh so sad, Marian. Your poem is truly wonderful. You should send it to your local paper that covers the story. Yes, please, make them stop.

  2. You should send this in, I agree. I know someone at MassLive. I'm going to put this on Twitter and my FB page.

  3. It is the poet's onerous task to put into words what people refuse to see. This is an important piece of writing.

  4. Sometimes the best way to fight the darkness is to shine a light on it...your poem does this in such a powerful way. Well done!

  5. it is far too easy to be a bystander.

  6. A dreadful situation, Marian! Your poem expresses the horror of this kind of thing.

  7. I always find it horrifying, Marian. I am never surprised, but always, always shocked. Your poem does call for a wider audience, and I hope you find it.

  8. you're right. it's shocking, but not surprising.


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