untitled 1.25.12

I've been trying to write
something that can't be written.

About how words I read
in black & white on a screen,
I heard slapping sounds
and I went to investigate
have lodged themselves firmly
and absolutely in my brain,
reverberating, shrieking,
unstoppable and unbearable.

About how a child's body
is not meant to accommodate
the thrusts of an adult man
that would cause such a sound.

About how a child must have died
that day in that shower,
thrown away like so much trash,
when he should have been running
out in the yard, playing games
like the child that he was.

About how a child must have been
literally torn apart, then discarded.

About how small and fragile
my children's bodies and hearts are.

About how I know that children
are raped every day,
a child is being raped right now
as I write this, and
a child will be raped as you read it,
no matter how many times you do.

About how adults with power,
men, and probably women, too--
and by the way all adults have power
over all children in our world--
about how adults could have stopped it,
saving a child from being ravaged
and more children after that.

About how they did not.

About the reasons why that might be.

About how the eulogies
for the man who could have stopped it
washed over me, and I had to hide.

About that sound. That fucking sound.

About how someone reading this
will find it arousing.

About how someone really needs to write about that.

For the IndieInk Writing Challenge this week, Bewildered Bug challenged me with "Scam Artist" and I challenged Dili with "Seeing monarchs, robins, or hummingbirds?"


  1. This is definitely a unique spin on the challenge. It's sad but you are 100% right in your poetry too.

  2. A powerful statement.
    How did you write this? You are brave and I think your courage is just part of what makes you an amazing writer.

  3. strong, confrontational and well minded response. You made your point literately and literally.

    I love it. I'm proud to read this.

  4. thank you for saying what needed to be said and no one was saying...

  5. Oh my God, this is so powerful and true, and all-encompassing of the entire horrifying situation. A fantastic, heartbreaking, sad and powerful poem.

  6. Well, I can see why my totally different application of that word struck you unpleasantly after reading this. A chilling indictment of our species--one which can't be made often enough, and a very uncomfortable read, as it should be, and as most truth is.

  7. Well spoken. I am furious with the people who act as though Joe Paterno's failure to speak out was a 'small blot' on his record. No. It was a goddamned gaping black hole that sucked in all his achievements and left only itself evidence of someone who cared more for his job than a child.

  8. How there can be people who act in such a way, in complete opposition to natural instincts, never fails to amaze me. The save-the-child instinct is so strong in most species, and so lacking in some human beings.
    Very very well done. Horrifying, but well done.

  9. Oh my God! You could have written this about me!! It strikes so hard at the terror I felt. The horrible secret that almost killed me from suicide attempts. As harsh as it is, people need to be slapped with the atrocities perpetuated on children. I commend your bravery at writing such a piece.

    1. i hope this wasn't triggering, Susie. much love to you. you are brave. xo

  10. So much here. Tragedy. Sadness. Strength of writing. So many children go through so much, and what is just as bad is that so many people know it and keep silent.

  11. thank you all for reading and experiencing this.
    i'm sorry that it makes anyone sick. it makes me very sick.

  12. I don't even know what to say. I am disgusted and at the same time kind of proud. I am glad you wrote it and also glad I read it even though it sickens me.

  13. Wow - such a fantastic reply to my prompt. Not that the topic is fantastic, just that you did a fantastic job - so thought provoking, so disturbing, so raw and real. I love it. Thank you!

  14. Oh, so powerful and effective, Marian. You did a great job approaching such a difficult, horrible topic.

  15. We need to hear these words and make sure we do not succumb to inactivity when presented with such evil. I called CPS once and I was shocked at how hard it was to get them to listen to me. I was reporting upon someone in our community who had "status". But I KNEW something horrible was going on as I knew his young daughter quite well. Yes, we must speak out!

    I think this poem shocks a bit ... in a very good way.

  16. You did a beautiful job with a horrifying subject. Thanks for posting and writing -- we need it.

  17. Ouch and, then, thanks--even for refusing left-over titillation. You are good.

  18. we have to acknowledge it. thanks.

  19. this one hurts to the core, as i'm sure you intended and even felt when writing. i am so impressed that you wrote about these horrific things... x

  20. it was very difficult to write. and i don't feel like this is the end of writing on the subject, either. thank you, dana.

  21. Suffer the children, suffer us all. I'm glad you brought your voice to this. Thank you for doing so.

  22. you're welcome. i couldn't not.


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