The golden arches beckon.
Hungry travelers reckon,
"Just once." No condemnation,
I understand temptation.

Ride me like a ferris wheel.
Let's rock the carriage and steal
a kiss when we reach the top.
The top! Oh! Please! Never stop. 

Alone is the saddest word,
E minor is the bluest chord.
Your guitar laments the end,
solo, grieving for your friend.

Pirate Grace challenged the Real Toads to write a tanaga, a tight and rhyming traditional 4-line poem, heavy on metaphor, originating in the Phillipines. It's harder than it looks, but I know you're up for a challenge. Try it!


  1. There you are!
    I love each of them. All the lines came out lilting and fun and the when I hit the e minor line it was like a hand pressed against my chest and said "Slow down and pay attention to this one."

  2. Each tanaga is beautiful in its own right, but I love the third for its bluesy melancholy.

  3. I like the first two best. I caved and went to Mickey D's for the first time in ages, the other day. They put the "nutrition" info on the packaging, now. I won't be going back. it was even worse than I thought! (but tasted good. Ha!)

    1. i get coffee on my way to work at the McD drive-thru most mornings, but i would never eat. the coffee thing is new, because now around these parts you can get delicious organic Paul Newman dark coffee in any size for a buck. sometimes enduring the smell of the fryers coming around the back of the building is revolting first thing in the morning.

  4. Wow, so much passion and emotion in all three! Well Done~

  5. For such a difficult form, you really showed emotion and character.

    "Alone is the saddest word" = beautiful

    awesome Marian

  6. A difficult form for the phonetically challenged like me, and you did it not once but three times, perfectly!

  7. It's number 1 for me. Fantastic!

  8. aw, thanks, friends! this form is intriguing. i expect i'll try some more.


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