"All I wanted was a refund." The words fell from her mouth, inert, like a sidewalk bird under a plate glass window. "The show was cancelled in the snowstorm, remember?"

Remember? What are you asking him about, memories of prom night? Jesus.

"Well, I could help you with this problem if you'd just do as I say." His voice dripped with pretension, bordering on malice.

"Do as you say? And what's that?" Yeah, what? Fucker.

His gesture said it. On your knees.

"Are you kidding me?" She spat. Fuck you. "Gimme my refund."

Looks like the fun and friendly Drabble Rousers is going on hiatus, so I thought I'd bring my little 100-word epics home. This one is (loosely) based on a true story.