goodbye, yellow brick road

Strategy for drowning out
Johnny Carson, upstairs,
who competed with HBO, downstairs:
my teenage boombox.
Bedtime? Click play.
Let the wind wash, let the bells chime,
it's Funeral for a Friend.
Love Lies Bleeding, Candle in the Wind.
If I lay awake long enough, I was treated to
B- B- B- B- B- B- Bennie! Bennie and the Jets.
But I had to time it just right.
If I got to Grey Seal and Jamaica Jerk-Off,
wide awake again.
If I had to get up to flip the tape,
it was all over. May as well stay up all night.

Lance has his hordes of fans writing in 100-word bursts inspired by his music selection over at My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog. This week, it's Take Me to the Pilot by Elton John. New feature! 100-Word Song! Come and play with us!


  1. I chickened out and did fiction. But you and Lisa aka Seeking Blog rocked amazing memoir pieces. Elton soundtracked a lot of our lives, especially 70s/80s kids like us.

    I loved this. Great one, Maid Marian

  2. I was always terrified of those scary bells when I walked by your room on the way to the bathroom. Too bad you didn't have a rad new boombox like mine which would play both sides of the tape for you. Then my terror could have been repeated all night.

    1. It's 10:59, not 7:59, BTW.

    2. hahahaha! i had no idea i was terrorizing you.

      and i never noticed that time thing before! has it always been like that?
      i wonder if it's changed since Blogger monkeyed around with the comments function.
      on this one, it suggests that you & Lance commented before i even posted this!
      hmmmmmmm. thanks for pointing it out.

    3. I haven't commented for a while so I'm not sure when it changed.

  3. a literal slice of life - love the focus on sound

  4. I remember plugging in my headphones and riding miles and miles every night on my bike - dancing on the bike seat to Elton's B-B-B-Bennie and the Jets" and his lively music......total joy. It was my stress release when I was raising a seemingly endless number of adolescents. Hee hee! Loved this look back, and love your sister's comment. By the way, your comment at Ollie's cracked me right up.

  5. Gawd. Were we ever that young?

    I finally caved and got a couple of his old ones on cd. Honky Chateau and the one with Take Me To The Pilot on it.

    1. shay, go write to the challenge! the song is Take Me to the Pilot!

  6. i feel like i should go listen to Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, but since i've been thinking about it all the songs are running through my head anyway :)

  7. So many wonderful songs from Sir Elton. I still crank the radio whenever one comes on.

  8. :) i tried to find an image of the crazy Elton John poster i had in my room growing up to illustrate this, but no luck. you can imagine, glasses bigger than his head and foot-high boots.

  9. Love the musical trip down memory lane. And needing to flip the tape? Talk about a flash from the past.

  10. Yes, Elton John's still a relevant musician - he music lives on. Great write!

  11. I couldn't do radio, because as soon as the talking started, I was screwed. I couldn't do tapes, because I never EVER fell asleep before I'd have to flip the tape. CDs would have saved me, but I was ten before they came along and fifteen before we had a player.

  12. this tape in particular was rather long, because it was a recording of the ALBUM.
    goodbye yellow brick road was a double-LP, so the whole first album was on one side of the tape,
    the other record on the other side.
    i was in, or maybe even just out of college, when CDs came along :)

  13. oh the memories you just slapped me in the face with!!! I remember my boombox and cassettes and trying to record songs off the radio without getting the voice over from the dj! Would always piss me off when they would start talking before the song was over! lol!

    my latest

  14. yay! thanks for visiting, Kellie.


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